The Science & Politics of Gender Dysphoria (Transgenderism) in Children: the Ethical and Religious Implications of Sex Altering Treatment  by Prince Nwankudu


Within the past ten years, there has been an unusual rise in children as young as two years old being identified as transgender. However, many Christians do not have adequate tools to decipher between LGBTQ propaganda and medical science or articulate the appropriate biblical ethic regarding the diagnosis and treatment of children suffering from Gender Dysphoria (GD) with Puberty Suppression Hormone Therapy (SP) and Sex Reassignment Surgeries (SRS). In this paper, I plan to offer some clarifications that will separate true scientific facts from social propaganda. This subject is complex and understandably socially volatile but the Christian needs to be well informed with medical, social, and biblical truth. Hence, in Section One, I will define Gender Dysphoria (GD) from medical, social, and biblical perspectives. In Section Two, I will foray into the medical classification and treatment of GD. In Section Three, I will discuss ongoing ethical issues with the current social trends.  

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