Hello, we are sending a Macedonia call (Acts 16:9) to all friends and believers who would prayerfully help us. We at God’s Family Missionary Movement (GFMM) are embarking on an exciting opportunity! We are on the brink of purchasing property for our ministry headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska. We invite you to help us, especially if you have a desire to make an impact for the kingdom of God. From this unique vantage point in the last frontier state of the U.S.A, God’s Family is poised and ready to handle a variety of unique ministry opportunities and challenges that will reach surrounding communities, the people of Alaska, and beyond in ways that are destined to change lives. You may not have known, but national religious polls report that Alaska is 70% non-religious, making it one of the least evangelized states in the U.S.A. We want to make a difference in this region by impacting Alaska for Jesus Christ from this property.

God’s Family Missionary Movement is chartered under the Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association in Maryville, IL as a 501 (c) (3) organization. Under God’s Family umbrella, there are several ministry arms designed to reach the world with the Gospel in different ways. The property we seek to purchase is an 11,000+ square foot church facility complete with offices, classrooms, nursery, kitchen, fellowship hall, and media center on a little over a two-acre lot that also contains a separate parsonage to be used to house guest ministers and missionaries from across the globe.

Please help us fulfill this vision of moving into a befitting mission center for the kingdom of God. We are fervently working in every way possible to disseminate the Gospel that reaches far and wide. Our Jerusalem begins with the surrounding community of Anchorage, but our borders expand to communities beyond, to the remotest villages and around the world where we are training and equipping disciples to take the precious Gospel to the ends of the globe. This new facility will help us become more effective in our service for the kingdom.

Below is a highlight of the different arms of God’s Family Missionary Movement:

God’s Family Church – God’s Family Church Alaska is the mission’s home-base of God’s Family Missionary Movement. The church was established five years ago in Anchorage and has reached people as far as the Bering Sea. Through outreach, it has ministered to thousands of people with the Gospel, serving food, offering prayer, life-changing counseling, and more. God’s Family Church, is now a local body of dedicated, discipled, hard-working believers who are actively functioning in various capacities laying the ground for the work ahead.  Lives have truly been changed that have been a part of God’s Family, as there are a number of testimonies its members are always ready to share. Details at 

Wisdom Apologetics – Our apologetics ministry is one of our frontline evangelism and discipleship ministries. Given the increasing anti-Christian rhetoric in our culture, we have been equipping Christians on how to articulate and defend their faith (two of our directors have masters degrees in apologetics/science and religion). Being missionaries in a territory that is 70% non-religious, apologetics comes in handy as an effective evangelism tool.  We have established the Wisdom Club (our college apologetics ministry on the campus of the University of Alaska, Anchorage). Wisdom Academy is our online apologetics training platform for lay-level apologetics. We also host Kingdom Perspectives (our weekly television broadcast). More information can be found at

Revive Alaska Outreach – This is an interdenominational mission outreach we established as a platform for unity in the body of Christ, corporate prayers and evangelism. The goal of this outreach with the help of the Holy Spirit is to collectively reverse the spiritual landscape in Alaska from 70% non-religious to 70% Christian for the glory of God. Details can be found at

God’s Family Bible College – is the training arm under which we have GF School of Discipleship, GF School of Practical Ministry and International Worship College where lay members are taught, trained, and prepared for ministry through practical engagement and hands-on ministry.

God’s Family Missions – is the global arm of God’s Family Missionary Movement. Its task is to train and send missionaries both within the U.S. and outside of the U.S. Our missionaries and ministers are currently in Mexico, Pakistan, Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Help One, Help Another, Inc. (HOHA) – is the community services arm of the ministry. It offers temporary housing for the homeless, food distribution, bridge education, career counseling, and low-income housing assistance.

All these arms of the ministry will operate out of this new property. The property is priced at $906,000 and we have a bank loan for $634,200. We need a $271,800 out of which we are now seeking $121,800.00 to complete our downpayment and close on October 13, 2019. Your tax-deductible financial donations and/or gifts-in-kind will help us settle in a location that will enhance all our operations. No donation is too small and please help us spread the word by sharing this need with your friends and family. May God’s abundant blessings be poured upon you and your family now and always in Jesus name.


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